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Level Up Your Life


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Do you find yourself constantly entertaining negative thoughts and feelings? Are you feeling stuck in different areas of your life and can’t seem to move past them? Perhaps there are some old stories and limiting beliefs preventing you from manifesting your perfect life and standing in your power.


This was me in 2018 struggling with depression and PTSD. My thoughts were out of control and I believe every single one of them. My Self-Concept included, I’m not loveable, nothing ever happens to me, I’m broken, everyone but me, I have to work hard to make money, I’m not pretty like other women, etc. Based on my self-concept you can see that I struggled with relationships, I believed my PTSD made me unlovable and broken, low self-esteem and money was an issue. Once I identified and changed my limiting beliefs, upgraded my self-concept, and was persistent, every aspect of my life began to change. It was truly incredible! 

Oh silly limiting beliefs…


We all have them, constantly manifest them into our lives, but we aren’t aware of them most of the time because we are running on autopilot. These limiting beliefs are false thoughts and opinions we have about ourselves and the world around us that we believe to be true but have a negative impact on our lives. You might have a limiting belief that “Money is Bad” and find yourself struggling to make and/or hold onto money or have a limiting belief “I’m Not Good Enough” and constantly find yourself in situations or interactions with others that show you that this is true. 


The funny thing about limiting beliefs is that we created them… unintentionally. Based on what we observed growing up, what we were told and what we experienced, our subconscious mind created rules or limiting beliefs to help us navigate the world. The good news is that since we created them we can always change them to better serve us. 


I will help you gain control of your life by uncovering limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and old stories. I will teach you about how the subconscious mind operates, how to reprogram your subconscious mind, and create a new story. 

Whether you are looking to boost your confidence, get over a person or situation, or become the better version of yourself, Mindset Coaching gives you the tools to overcome any area of your life and handle challenges with ease.


It’s Time to Level Up Your Life!


🤸🏼‍♀️ Samantha


  • Uncover limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and old stories that are preventing you from being a better version of yourself

  • Learn how the subconscious mind operates and enforces limiting beliefs

  • Master techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind and let go of the old story

  • Be your unapologetic effing self and step into your power.


  • Unlimited email and/or text messaging support

  • One free Body Code or Reiki session

  • Worksheets to identify limiting beliefs




15 min Consultation

Let's talk about how you can become a better version of yourself!


4 Session Package

- 1 Hour
- In-Person or Video Call
- 1 Free Reiki or Body Code Session
- Payment Plan Available


2 Session Package

- 1 Hour
- In-Person or Video Call
- 1 Free Emotion or Body Code Session


Single Session

1 Hour

In-Person or Video Call

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