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Emotion Code (In-Person)

Use the subconscious mind & muscle testing to release trapped emotions

  • 30 minutes
  • 70 US dollars
  • Level Up Healing LLC

Service Description

Emotion Code works with the subconscious mind through muscle testing to uncover what blocks, imbalance, and/or limiting beliefs that are contributing to physical, emotional, and/or mental symptoms as well as what's holding you back. The Subconscious mind remembers EVERYTHING about you & exactly why you aren't feeling like your best self. Emotion Code focuses on those good old suppressed emotions (trapped emotions) we are all guilty of collecting. We either didn't know how to feel the emotion or we tried to run away from it. Regardless, instead of feeling it & releasing it into the wild we decided to keep it. Emotions are a ball of energy the size of your fist & it blocks that natural flow of energy causing symptoms. We communicate with the subconscious mind using muscle testing. Each of us has a built-in "lie detector" where if we say anything negative/false our muscles becomes weak and if we say anything positive or true the muscle becomes strong. By asking yes or no questions we go through the Emotion Code Chart and find out what trapped emotions you are collecting. Once the trapped emotions are identified, we release each trapped e