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THE WORKS (Video Call)

Warrior/Usui Reiki with Emotion Code and Body Code Session

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 130 US dollars
  • Google Meet - Link Will Be Emailed

Service Description

"The Works" is just that, a little bit of everything. Emotion Code and Body Code work with the subconscious mind through muscle testing to uncover what blocks, imbalances, and/or limiting beliefs contribute to physical, emotional, and/or mental symptoms and what's holding you back. The Subconscious mind remembers EVERYTHING about you & exactly why you aren't feeling like your best self. Emotion Code focuses on those good old suppressed emotions we are all guilty of collecting. We either didn't know how to feel the emotion or tried to escape it. Regardless, instead of feeling it & releasing it into the wild, we decided to keep it. Emotions are a ball of energy the size of your fist & it blocks that natural flow of energy, causing symptoms. Body Code goes a step further where we focus on EVERYTHING: Emotional Wellness, Circuits or Systems, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments, & Nutrition and Lifestyle. We get very detailed on what you are holding onto causing the issue. We get detailed on the name of the imbalance/block & around what age it occurred. It does NOT mean I will be digging up your past. You control the information about your history you would like to share. Access Bars allow you to be more aware & present so you do not identify with your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. It "reboots" the mind by gently touching 32 points on the head & easily releases any ideas, beliefs, thoughts & emotions preventing you from being the best version of yourself. For example, if you have knee pain that never seems to disappear, you probably have a belief/story attached to it. You identify as someone who has knee pain. Access Bars release that belief/story so your body can take care of business and heal your knee. Reiki Healing regulates your nervous system & puts you in a calm state. Then, the Reiki balances your chakras & releases any blocks and/or imbalances contributing to physical, emotional, or mental symptoms. The Reiki is releasing whatever you're holding onto from the past: suppressed emotions, trauma, stress, negative thought patterns & more so YOU can naturally heal yourself. I am the cleaner, and you are the healer. During the session, you will be lying down and relaxing. Emotion/Body Code is more interactive, whereas Access Bars & Reiki is quiet & relaxing. All you have to do is sit back, relax & allow the energy to do its thing. Questions? Email Me or Click "Get in Touch." A Google Meet Link will be emailed to you.

Cancellation Policy

To Cancel or Reschedule, please allow 24 hours in advanced. No refunds for no shows or cancelations within 24 hours. FOR IN-PERSON SESSIONS ONLY: Due to a Snow Storm or a power outage, sessions can be rescheduled OR changed to a Video Call. REIKI CLASSES: There will be a non-refundable deposit. The remaining portion is refundable only if a cancellation notice is received at least five days before the scheduled date via email at

Contact Details

(234) 888-4428

Go down the stairs, Make a right at the TV, 2nd to last door on the Left Level Up Healing, Darrow Road, Stow, OH, USA

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