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You can choose more than one topic (Physical, Emotional, and/or Mental). Body Code Session


Body State Reset focuses on the natural rhythm of the body. Within a 25 hour cycle we naturally move from an active state (Sympathetic) and rest and recovery state (Parasympathetic). Due to prolonged stress, trauma and unprocessed emotions there can be a disruption or conflict within our Body State causing our natural rhythm to be in a dominant active state or rest and recovery state. If our body is in a dominant active state then it can’t rest and repair. Our digestive system may begin to suffer and other symptoms may begin to manifest in the body. We may even have weight issues or have trouble getting back to “normal.”


The Body State Reset goes to the age when the disruption occurred and releases all imbalances from that age. Once all the imbalances are released from the age the body’s natural state is reset.


***Please read the following information carefully***


This is a pre-recorded session where Samantha will record the session and email you the video once completed. Please allow a 1-5 business day turnaround time. Please check your spam folder if the video is not received after that time frame. 


Please be aware that there can be a processing period after an energy healing session where you may experience minor aches and pains, fatigue, upset stomach, emotions may surface and you may feel unwell. THIS IS NORMAL. Take care of yourself and hydration is key!


All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges for another service. 


Samantha is not a medical professional or licensed therapist. Energy healing DOES NOT replace modern medicine or therapy. We all work together for your overall wellness. 


Body State Reset - Body Code

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