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The whole purpose of Reiki is to rebalance the flow of Life Force Energy in our chakras and energy systems. There are 7 main chakras in our energy system that are placed along the spine, or governing meridian, to the top of the head. Chakras are vortexes that spin through the front and back of the body except for the root chakra that spins downward at the base of the spine and the crown chakra that spins upward at the top of the head.


Each chakra has its own purpose, governs specific areas of the body and areas of our life. For example, the root chakra, which is at the base of the spine, is our survival center. It's concern is whether or not we have our basic needs met such as shelter, security and financial needs. Our chakras are affected by every aspect of our lives including what happens to us, what we do and our thoughts. If someone is experiencing financial issues their root chakra can become imbalanced causing physical or emotional symptoms such as lower back pain and aggressive behavior. 

Chakras communicate with us by manifesting symptoms in the body. Our physical body is like a blueprint where each part is linked to our chakras and energy system. Based on what area that a chakras govern you will see symptoms appear. 


Sometimes if there is an imbalance in one chakra the chakras next to it can work on overdrive and can create symptoms as well. There can always be some overlap and more than one reason for an emotional or physical symptom of the body.

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1st Chakra Located at the Base of the Spine

  • The Survival Center

  • Primary Concern is needs being met both physical and non-physical

  • Holds our trauma

  • Focus is on life lessons

  • Links between energetic system and physical world

  • Governs the parasympathetic nervous system, legs, feet, spine, bones, sciatic nerves, colon, adrenal glands, bladder, hips, teeth & sexual organs.

  • Some signs of an imbalance: anxiety, overthinking, nightmares, anger, living on survival mode, autoimmune disorders, hoarding, lethargic, kidney issues and knee problems.


2nd Chakra Located Below Navel

  • The Personal Power Center

  • Holds our Emotions, Sexuality and Creativity. 

  • Concerned with relationships with others and how to relate and create with them.

  • Focus is on how to creativity maneuver through life lessons

  • Experiencing life through feelings and sensations

  • Governs sexual organs, kidneys, womb, appendix, large intestine, adrenal glands, pelvis, hips, lower vertebrae and bladder.

  • Some Signs of an imbalance: sexual dysfunction, reproductive issues, lower back pain, fatigue, kidney issues, stomach disorders, creative blocks, fear of intimacy, guilt or shame, repressed emotions, lack of self-love, emotionally unstable, anxiety and aggressive.



3rd Chakra Located Above The Navel


  • The Personality & Self-Worth Center

  • Self-Love and Self- Acceptance are building Blocks of this Chakra.

  • Being proactive and not reactive or inactive.

  • Focuses on personal willpower, ego personality, personal freedom and confidence.

  • Governs the stomach, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, intestines, muscular system, the skin, pancreas, diaphragm and adrenal glands.

  • Some signs of an imbalance: ulcers, diabetes, poor memory, addictions, eating disorders, arthritis, fatigue, excessive weight around stomach, bloating, anxiety, low self-esteem, jealousy, insecurity, inauthenticity, lack of confidence, approval seeking and victim mentality.



4th Chakra Located at the Chest

  • The Love, Balance & Connection Center

  • Center Point of Physical & Spiritual Chakras

  • Brain is governed by the heart because the heart gives signals to the brain which is why the heart of mental illness is emotional hurt.

  • Maintains truth that we are all connected as one

  • Love is this Chakra's theme because Love is the highest healing frequency

  • Governs the heart, lungs, arms, bronchia, thymus, hands, respiratory, muscles, shoulders, ribs, diaphragm, vagus nerve, breasts and lymph system.

  • Some signs of an imbalance: heart issues, asthma, allergies, lung cancer, upper back and shoulder pain, breast issues, high blood pressure, poor circulation, poor immune system, poor sleep, grief, anger, loneliness, social anxiety, victim mentality, emotionally distant, feeling disconnected from people and fear, 



5th Chakra Located at the Throat

  • The Communication, Truth & Self-Expression Center

  • Speaking your truth

  • Find and own your own individuality

  • Relies on inspiration, communication, listening, integrity and personal honor

  • Governs lymph system, throat, menstrual cycle, pituitary thyroid, parathyroid, ears, nose, jaw, neck, shoulders and vertebrae.

  • Some signs of an imbalance: thyroid imbalances, dental health issues, neck and shoulder pain, hearing loss, joint problems, hormonal problems, PMS or mood swings, throat issues, passive aggressive behaviors, OCD, social anxiety, miscommunication in relationships, struggle to be authentic self, stubbornness, shyness and issues expressing self.



6th Chakra Located Between the Eyebrows

  • The Wisdom, Spiritual Insight & Intuition Center

  • Clear thought & self-reflection

  • Getting outside of personal bubble

  • Unifies different perspectives

  • Governs the ears, skull, nose, endocrine system, parasympathetic nervous system, eyes and sinus.

  • Some signs of an imbalance: headaches and migraines, back pain, leg pain, sleeping disorders, blindness, seizures, dementia, hormonal imbalance, hair problems, stroke, ear issues, eye issues, delusions, depression, nightmares, mental fog, paranoia, struggle to learn new things and closed minded.



7th Chakra Located at the Top of the Head

  • The Connection to the Divine & Higher Self Center

  • Going beyond the limits of ego

  • Practicing Gratitude enriches life

  • Having Faith and Trust in universe 

  • Governs the brain, eyes, muscular system, skeletal system, skin and nervous system.

  • Some signs of an imbalance: neurological disorders, Alzheimer's and dementia, sleep issues, memory loss, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, skin rashes, lymph system disorders, headaches and migraines, mental illness, lack of direction, mental fog, self-destructive tendencies, inability to connect with other and isolation.


I am not a medical professional or a licensed therapist.


By purchasing an Energy Healing Session (Reiki, Emotion Code, Body Code, and Access Bars) you are agreeing that this does not replace any psychological and/or medical treatment. Energy Healing is a tool to help the body relax and naturally heal and can be used alongside psychological and/or medical treatment.  


Confidentiality: I agree to treat the Holistic Practitioner - Client relationship as confidential. All information exchanged is considered confidential unless you express to harm yourself and/or others.


I have a right to refuse service. 


Refunds: I do not offer refunds for completed services or if appointment cancelled within 24 hours.

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