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Energy healing focuses on your Subtle body which is 1 of the 3 pillars of your overall health and wellness; The Mind, Body (Physical Body) and Spirit (Subtle Body). It does not replace modern medicine (Physical Body) or Psychotherapy (The Mind) but instead we all work together as this amazing team to help you heal in every aspect of your health and wellness.


Energy healing focuses on the cause of your symptoms… the baggage you're holding onto from the past.


Everyone and everything is energy including emotions, thoughts and trauma. If we suppress our emotions, have unresolved trauma and negative thought patterns it slows the flow of energy in our subtle body (Chakras, Meridians and Aura). It prevents our natural healing and will manifest symptoms into our physical body. It’s similar to having clogged arteries where blood can’t flow through properly. Then you just feel off.


The Physical Body is the Mind and Subtle Body’s way of communicating with you. Your physical body is a blueprint where every area of your body has a meaning behind it and is a reflection of your life. Symptoms are created in a specific area to help you identify what you need to let go of and resolve. 


Lower back pain can represent financial issues, being in survival mode, and/or lack of self-worth. Your body isn’t holding any secrets from you but you do have to pay attention and do some research. Once these are released it promotes natural healing in the body. YOU begin to heal yourself. 


Reiki Healing, Emotion/Body Code and Access Bars are a few of MANY energy healing techniques that help you release life’s baggage and promote natural healing in your body. One does not work better than the other, it’s just which technique resonates with you the most.   


So in conclusion, energy healing is a nice and relaxing way to help you let go of the past so your body can do its thing and heal itself. 


I am the cleaner. You are the healer.


I am not a medical professional or a licensed therapist.


By purchasing an Energy Healing Session (Reiki, Emotion Code, Body Code, and Access Bars) you are agreeing that this does not replace any psychological and/or medical treatment. Energy Healing is a tool to help the body relax and naturally heal and can be used alongside psychological and/or medical treatment.  


Confidentiality: I agree to treat the Holistic Practitioner - Client relationship as confidential. All information exchanged is considered confidential unless you express to harm yourself and/or others.


I have a right to refuse service. 


Refunds: I do not offer refunds for completed services or if appointment cancelled within 24 hours.

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