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This session includes TWO TOPICS of your choice. It can be any physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual symptom. Any relationship issues, love, money blocks, etc. If you are unsure on what to work on you can do “Highest Priority” where we let the good old subconscious mind decide and find a statement within the Belief Code as the focus of the session. 


The Belief Code uses the subconscious mind through muscle testing to identify faulty core belief systems. The subconscious mind loves you so much that it creates beliefs about you, others and the world around you based on assumptions and suppressed emotions to make sure you don’t get hurt and ensure your survival. Most of these beliefs are very helpful to us while others can hold us back and create symptoms in the body. Sometimes the subconscious mind can be a little too protective where it takes one belief and builds upon it creating a Belief System or Belief Tree. 


Layers of a Basic Belief System:


Programs (Branches) are in your conscious mind where you may be aware of these statements that manifest as thoughts and behaviors. 


Beliefs (Trunk) are within your subconscious mind that are more powerful than programs. These statements can be less obvious consciously. 


Core Beliefs (Roots) are deeper in the mind and are more powerful than beliefs. This is the original belief or the first belief that was the seed of the belief system. 


Core Identity (Soil) is created during the first 7 years of our lives when we are absorbing everything. We see everything as truth since we don’t have the ability to reason just yet. Anything that we witness, experience or anything told to us we believe this to be true. This affects our personality, thoughts, behaviors and more when we become an adult.  


These belief systems are like filters through which you view the world. It affects how to feel about yourself, your actions, what you believe your limits are, how the world treats you and so on. If you ever feel like no matter what you do you can never overcome (insert issue here), you probably have a Belief Tree calling the shots. 


Samantha will explain all imbalances and blocks that are uncovered during the session. 


For more Information on the Belief Code Click here


***Please read the following information carefully***

This is a pre-recorded session where Samantha will record the session and email you the video once completed. Please allow a 1-5 business day turnaround time. Please check your spam folder if the video is not received after that time frame. 


Please be aware that there can be a processing period after an energy healing session where you may experience minor aches and pains, fatigue, upset stomach, emotions may surface and you may feel unwell. THIS IS NORMAL. Take care of yourself and hydration is key!


All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges for another service. 


Samantha is not a medical professional or licensed therapist. Energy healing DOES NOT replace modern medicine or therapy. We all work together for your overall wellness.

Belief Code - 2 Topic

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