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Distance Reiki Healing (Video Call)

Energy healing using crystals, and/or magnets to balance chakras

  • 1 hour
  • 95 US dollars
  • Google Meet - Link Emailed

Service Description

Distant Reiki healing treatment using crystals, and/or magnets. Reiki balances the chakras and releases any blocks and imbalances causing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain. These blocks and imbalances are caused by holding onto the past such as emotions, negative thought patterns, trauma and memories. How does Reiki work at a distance? This energy is limitless and is unavailable for time and space. It rejects the laws of physics. We are all connected which is why it can be done at a distance. The rule breakers of all rule breakers! Think about your cellphone, you have the world at your fingertips but it's not physically connected to anything. It's connected to WIFI or service data. An energy that you can't see. Reiki Energy works the same. The Reiki energy moves through the practitioner and into your energy system. There are many sensations you may feel when the energy is flowing such as deep relaxation (Many people fall asleep), twitching, goosebumps, surges of energy, emotions may surface, stomach growling, hot and cold temperature changes, heaviness, lightness, memories surface, mentally travel, a